Dagon Arms Gen 3 PDS

Dagon Arms is proud to present it’s newest Personal Defense System. This third generation pistol Follows in the footsteps of the Gen 1, 2 and 2L. It’s small form factor, dual barrel and forward mounted magazines have been retained from the Gen 1 and 2. And using the Scyntha MagMetal Mesh barrels the same accuracy as the 2L.

How does the MagMetal Mesh let us do that? Simple, while in the holster the MagMetal remains in a compact and retracted form. One only needs draw the pistol from the holster and the barrels extend to a full 6 inches for improved accuracy.

Returning features are the dual led ammo counters when using Dagon Sure Count Magazines, and optional holo scope and laser point aiming systems.

As an additional bonus, all orders received before the end of this year will be completed in Special Dagon branded storage cases with two additional Dagon Sure Count Magazines.

Dagon Arms, Proof the small guns can do great things.

Dagon Arms Gen 3 PDS

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