Nexus of time and Space

Will the Griffon fly again?

Define fly.

Session 2 Take 3 has happened! Our adventurers found that they had been cleared of all wrong doing in the crash of the Griffon. Neyemh Nub, a Yeti businessman was able to the CONFleet representative of the groups heroics and clear their names. He was also able to intercede on the groups behalf against their former house and secure partial payment for the contract. He then offered a deal to the crew, Help him repair the Griffon and he’d help get them off the planet. After a brief discussion the Captain agreed and the team moved into one of the many empty buildings Nub owns.

The Griffon is in bad shape. While her generators, fuel tanks and Flight thrusters still function, hull integrity, grav drives, FTL drives, and Boost thrusters are all shot and in need of repair. Nub knows where the parts can be found, but it wont be easy.

While he was able to arrange for some basic security of the crash site, the crew had to deal with a Deader named Dresh for Patching material for the hull. The captain cut a deal and the team was on track again.

After a long drive and a minor gun battle the group has the Boost thrusters which will allow the Griffon to break for orbit should she ever take flight again.

This sessions homework is to create a advertisement or in character review or some product in the world. I have created an example in the wiki page, the Dagon Arms Gen 3 PDS. If you find a picture that works too. Please think of something your character would eat, drink, use , drive, or fly. For those players who made tonight’s session this is worth 1 banked bennie. For those who had to miss this will be worth the 1 xp point you missed by not being there. If you have any questions please let me know.

GM Steve



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