Nexus of time and Space

System Testing
Part 2

So a few got together and created a couple of additional characters to see how to roll them up. And maybe to have back ups in case of death. When we were sure we would not be having anyone else show we started testing some rules. Here are some of the things we learned.

1. Grenades will ruin your day. Do NOT bunch up.
2. My space themed cards use a terrible font!
3. Giant space worms are scary.
4. Old space wizards are actually quite spry in zero gravity.

Hostile Takeover : The Rise of Nubco
A New Beginning....


Qualified inhabitants of Ceti Alpha V.

You are hereby invited to apply for positions in the new mining facility of Nubco formerly known as the Botany Bay Mining Corporation. Please send your Holo’s of interest to the head of security Captain Certak and any pertinent files or resumes.

Pay will be discussed on a one on one basis. Thank you for your consideration and have a nice day.

Ceo of Nubco
Ceti Alpha V outer rim of the Last Parsec


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