Nexus of time and Space

It's like a fire sale during Burning Man.

The doc says that the orbitals we pulled off that ore lifter should get us off world. Not optimal but at least shake the dirt from her undercarriage. He said he needed some more fuel adapters and governors to make them work with our calNAV* and flight assist mesh. We know Dresh hasn’t got anything like what we need, so we’re hitting up some of Nubby’s other assets.

I seriously don’t get how this guy has some much crap on this rock. You’d think he could have leveraged most of this stuff for a bit of a rise in position or something. Well…he’s got a downer about six chronos from town that we’re gonna go check out. Maybe salvage the burner if we can retro it on to the Griffon. We’re taking the big truck out there just in case.

We’re about halfway out to the downer’s ditch and I am starting to hear my fucking fingernails growing. The grind is real. I’m cranking this beast and I’m pretty sure a CONFleet tug could beat us in a subOrbit drag. The sooner I get my girl patched back up that sooner we can dust this rock and get back to business.

Damn. Someone done Fucked Up. Laid the downer in the worst way. Probably a merch puke on his first helm. This ship’ll never fly again, as advertised. We crack open, what would normally be the Chief’s rack and some damn desert hopper’s got his shit strung up everywhere. Gunz grabs his plasma rifle (seriously…not over compensating for anything when he’s carrying that thing around) and basically cuts into the bulkhead get the port open. Crazy bastard, but it worked.

The cargo bay is a mess and we’re working by CHEMlight** so shit’s a little tough to get ciphered. Manifest is probably in the cockpit and the dumb shit, that nosed this beauty into the ground, jammed a bunch of cargo against that door. So that idea is a bust.

Needless to say, when a motherfucker yells “they’ve opened the back door”, surprise is right the fuck out the viewscreen. If they were pirates, they were dumb as gooSealant. If they were locals, they sure as fuck shouldn’t have opened fire on a professional salvage. I should feel bad about gunning them down, but then I look at Gunz over there, and the cherry red tip on his muzzle and I get over it. No one’s ever going to miss the stupid fucks.

Now we got a half dozen corpses and a cargo hold to deal with. FUCK it’s going to be a long night. Better double up on the juice.

- calNAV: Computational Aided Lift Navigational Assist Vector__ is a system that helps new pilots not crash during takeoff and landing. Basically the first thing you disable when you can actually fly.

As my first flight instructor once said: “See the ground?

Yes, sir. I see it.

Good. Don’t hit that unless I say so. You don’t want a downer on your first flight. Fuck’s up your record. And turn off that fucking calNAV.

Ahh…the memories.

- CHEMlight*: a chemical luminary. Seriously, it’s a crappy snot green colored light that you usually find in med kit or a crash sack.



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